CT Brain Perfusion

Determine areas of reduced cerebral blood flow as compared to the contralateral hemisphere in ischemic stroke

Generates qualitative and quantitative information about changes in image intensity over time. Calculates and displays quantitative perfusion maps and provide summary maps which may help physicians in determining areas of reduced cerebral blood flow compared to the contralateral hemisphere.
ct brain perfusion clinical image

MR Longitudinal Brain Imaging (LoBI)

Gain an optimized view of the body’s most complex organ

MR Longitudinal Brain Imaging supports evaluation of neurological disorders tracked with serial brain scans to monitor disease state and progression.
mr longitudinal brain imaging clinical image

MR T2* (Neuro) Perfusion

Reviewing brain tissue perfusion viability

Designed to assess brain perfusion helping with stroke assessment and other disease tracking. Visualization and quantitative analysis of the diffusion-perfusion mismatch in case of acute stroke is also included.
mr t2 neuro perfusion clinical image