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Pressure instrument

The SmartMap system is easy to use and features a plug-and-go setup and automatic calibration. This system is designed for simplifying physiology and improving convenience in the sterile field. SmartMap works with your choice of hemodynamic system and offers hemo integrated FFR.

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Simplifying physiology || KBA1

Simplifying physiology

1. Provides FFR measurement on the hemo system interface for which you are familiar2. SmartMap Pressure Instrument provides easy plug-and-play setup for hemo FFR3. FFR values are automatically documented in procedural notes
Providing choice || KBA1

Providing choice

SmartMap pressure instrument has versatile placement options: mounted on IV pole, bedside, or bagged in sterile field. It's small size means convenient setup in any cath lab. SmartMap offers compatibility with your hemo system with a FFR software upgrade.


Power requirements
Power requirements
Vin DC Min 2.4 V
  • DC and V
Max 11 V
  • V
Vin AC, 1 KHz to 5 KHz sine Min 2.5 Vrms
  • AC, KHz, Vrms
Max 8 Vrms
  • Vrms
Pressure measurement range
  • 30 to +330 mmHg
Pressure bandwidth (@-3 db)
  • DC to 25 Hz
Pressure measurement delay time
  • less than 40 ms
Measurement accuracy
  • ±3 mmHg (-30 to + 100 mmHg) ±3% (100 mmHg)
Analog output
  • 5µV/V/mmHg (adjustable between 4-6µV/V/mmHg)
Product specs
Product specs
  • 15.75 cm W x 8.853 cm H x 4.48 cm / 6.3" W x 3.54" H x 1.79" D cm, W, H, D
  • 0.22 Kg or 220 grams / 0.45 pound Kg, grams, pound
  • *Data on file