Avalon beltless fetal monitoring solution Cableless fetal and maternal pod with adhesive patch

Avalon beltless fetal monitoring solution

Cableless fetal and maternal pod with adhesive patch

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As a caregiver, you want to sustain your patient’s mobility and comfort. Cableless transducers can help, without sacrificing essential monitoring. However, traditional cableless technology has limitations, such as mothers with a high BMI¹,² or those undergoing epidural procedures. This is where the Avalon beltless maternal and fetal monitoring solution provides an alternative.

A change of technology
Innovation to give you choice

Innovation to give you choice

Instead of conventional ultrasound technology, the beltless solution uses ECG and EMG signals to extract fetal and maternal heart rates and uterine activity from the mother’s abdomen.
Abdominal parameters
Additional labels to avoid confusion

Additional labels to avoid confusion

The separate labels (aFHR, aHR, and aToco) document the measurement sources with clarity and consistency.
Parallel measurement
No need for gaps in documentation

No need for gaps in documentation

You can avoid breaks in your records, because - rather than disconnecting and connecting - you can use the beltless solution in parallel with cableless Avalon transducers.
Uses existing interfacing
Convenient and familiar handling

Convenient and familiar handling

In addition, it uses the same Avalon CL base station, so you do not need to manage extra interface devices or cabling. In fact, you get the same cableless convenience connecting to the fetal monitor without cable clutter, and the same ease of patient assignment by associating the CL Fetal & Maternal Pod with your base station.
Digital from pod to display
Reliable cableless connections

Reliable cableless connections

As with other Avalon CL measurements, the beltless solution digitizes and processes the measurements directly.⁵ The values stay digital all the way to the display, whether through the base station or with our Avalon CL Wide Range Pod, for monitoring wherever the coverage your WLAN allows.
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