SureSigns VS2+ Vital signs monitor

SureSigns VS2+

Vital signs monitor

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From the easy-to-read viewing area to the pleth waveform display, Philips SureSigns VS2+ monitor is designed to make taking vital signs easy. It gives your staff the flexibility and freedom to take excellent care of their patients.

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Specifications Xem tất cả

SureSigns VS2+
W: 18.4 cm (8.1in) H: 20.5cm (7.2in) D: 15.0cm (5.9in)
2.0kg (4.3lbs), including battery, recorder, temperature module and wireless
10.9cm (4.3in) WQVGA RFT-AM LCD Display
Oscillometric using stepwise deflation pressure -
NBP – Adult Measurement Range
Systolic: 30-270mmHg (4.0-36.0kPa)Diastolic: 10-245mmHg (1.3-32.7kPa)MAP: 20-255mmHg (2.7-34.0kPa)
NBP – Pediatric Measurement Range
Systolic: 30-180mmHg (4.0-24.0kPa)Diastolic: 10-150mmHg (1.3-20.0kPa)MAP: 20-160mmHg (2.7-21.3kPa)
NBP – Neonatal Measurement Range
Systolic: 30-130mmHg (4.0-17.0kPa)Diastolic: 10-100mmHg (1.3-13.3kPa)MAP: 20-120mmHg (2.7-16.0kPa)
NBP Intervals
Automatic measurements at intervals of 1,2,3,5,10,15,30,60,90 or 120 minutes up to 1 interval can be defined min
Measurement Range: 0%-100%Accuracy: depends on sensor
Temperature, Predictive Mode
Probe sites: oral, rectal or axillary 34.4°C to 40.6°C (93.9°F-105°F)
Temperature, Montiored Mode
Probe sites: oral, rectal or axillary 26.7°C to 43.3°C (80°F-110°F) Accuracy: ±0.1°C (±0.2°F)
Battery Type
Lithium ion, 10.8-11.1V, 2150-2300mAhr
Battery Operating Time
>4.5 hours, with continuous SpO2 and NBP interval measured every 15 minutes -
Data Output
HL7 format, via Ethernet portSerial data -