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A key factor in the clinical, operational and financial performance of an oncology center is the patient’s perspective of the quality of care he or she receives. Philips Healthcare Transformation Services (HTS) helps oncology centers take strategic initiative around patient experience. The transformation of GenesisCare is an example of what Philips HTS can do.

Helping GenesisCare create the Cancer Service of the Future

Perth radiation oncology

GenesisCare is a private provider of oncology, cardiology, and respiratory care services in 30+ sites in Australia as well as facilities in the United Kingdom and Spain. They reached out to Philips HTS to help create the Cancer Service of the Future. In addition, after a decade of rapid growth, GenesisCare wanted to set standards of care delivery and align on an enterprise level to allow for further growth.

Comprehensive approach with short- and long-term strategies

The Philips team started at the Wembley facility in Western Australia and followed a comprehensive process to identify and prioritize “just start” short term and “game changer” longer term strategies. For instance, the team shadowed and interviewed staff of six different sites in their daily work and patients in various stages of the treatment cycle. They also reviewed current state, volume and activity data and market information.

In addition, they evaluated local governance structures, cultures and styles of leadership and incorporated knowledge of current and potential IT applications. They conducted a comprehensive review of the facility design evaluating spatial effectiveness, patient and staff experience. Finally, they facilitated a co-creation event with over 60 participants that included patients, representatives from national advocacy groups and cross-functional staff.

Changing the game for GenesisCare patients

Changing the game for GenesisCare patients

In the nine months following the start of the engagement, the GenesisCare Wembley facility has doubled their patient satisfaction scores and is currently on track to achieve their goal of 90% patient satisfaction.* GenesisCare is deploying the “game changer” initiatives to achieve that same level of patient centered care throughout their facilities.

“The huge benefit we got from collaborating with Philips was to be able to pull it all together in a very comprehensive fashion and quickly get some tangible and concrete outcomes from the process.”


— Andrew Saunders, Group manager, GenesisCare.

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