Transcutaneous Gas

Blood Gas Monitoring tcpO2/tcpCO2 for neonates

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Philips tcpO2/tcpCO2 module offers non-invasive, continuous blood gas monitoring of infants in the NICU. Philips Transcutaneous Gas Module is designed for use in neonatal intensive care. Skin surface tcpO2/tcpCO2 measurements correlate with arterial partial pressure, providing a non-invasive means for continuous monitoring and a valuable complement to arterial blood gas measurements.

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Reduce risks || kba1

Reduce risks

Tighter control over oxygenation can help reduce the associated risks of neurologic damage and retinopathy of prematurity.
Designed for ease of use and comfort || kba1

Designed for ease of use and comfort

To protect delicate skin, two independent temperature control circuits guard against overheating, and configurable alarms alert caregivers when the monitoring site should be changed. The fixation ring of the Philips transducer is designed for quick and easy attachment.
Transducers, accessories, and calibra... || kba1

Transducers, accessories, and calibration supplies

Philips offers all necessary supplies: • Calibration unit and gases • Combined pO2 and pCO2 transducer • 12x tc Accessory Kit (O-ring, remover, absorbent paper, electrolyte solution, replacement membrane) • tc Application Kit (4x25 disposable fixation rings, 4x20ml contact fluid)